External Images Extension

Import External Images From A URL

Enable our extension and import your new Magento product feed containing URL links to your images. Detailed instructions and a sample product feed is included in download.

Please check out our DEMO site:
Frontend: http://demo.nelageek.com/
Backend: http://demo.nelageek.com/madmin      Login: demo:demo1234

Also, here are a few of our satisfied customers:
BodySensations.com (NSFW)
Toybanana.com (NSFW)

Magento Compatibility: Up to Updates:7/13/2014 - v 3.6.1
- Image retrieval now processed by fsockopen for faster page load.
- Fixed bug for images not retrieving in Magento admin when using SSL.
- Improved image helper. Images for product with duplicate urls are only retrieved once.7/07/2014 - v 3.6.0
- Improved page load times. CURL image retrieval is now processed in background.
- Added base image to gallery.
- Improved error handling.
- Fixed System->Config settings in system.xml so our extension doesn't always show first.6/12/2014 - v3.5.5
- Compatible up to
- Fixed bug for products with very long names.
- Fixed bug for gallery images.
- Fixed bug for 'Only variables should be passed by reference' error in system log.11/12/2013
- New Ver 3.5! Added support for external category images.10/05/2013
- Now compatible with Magento 1.8.
- Fixed issue with image naming standards.
- Fixed issue with base image path not working.
- cURL now set to use IPV4 as default b/c of slowness issues.
- Added cURL timeout admin settings.9/06/2013

- Improved image file name handling for products with special characters in name.


*** Updated to Ver 3.0 ***

- Made some changes to make extension much more compatible with 3rd party templates, extensions, etc.
1. Integrated remote images into Magento image location. (/media/catalog/product/)
2. All image manipulation is done with Magento's built-in GD functionality. There is no
longer a need for ImageMagik. Watermarks, backgrounds, etc. now work correctly.

- Changed file naming methods to account for different types of URLs and duplicate image names.

- Improved cURL error handling and redirects.
1. cURL errors are now recorded in Magento system log.
2. New admin option allows user to set cURL connect timeout.

- Now able to use compilation mode.

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